Official Oscar Chat T-Shirt

Oscar Chat 4 approaches, and so I’m all about finding new ways to spam it to all of you. My latest scheme involves some fabric fashioned into the shape of a t-shirt, with a snazzy, Matt Sinopoli designed Oscar Chat 4 logo hand pasted on it. Yep, the Official Oscar Chat 4 T-Shirt has arrived.

It’s soft, it’s snuggly, and it has the word “naked” somewhere on it, which means it’s rebellious and cool. The really great thing about it, is that most people are terrible with numbers, so you’ll still be able to wear it next year for Oscar Chat 5, with very few people the wiser.

If you don’t know what Oscar Chat is by now, well you haven’t been paying attention. But to catch everyone up, it’s our annual, massive chat event where CB readers and staff get together in our chatroom to sit around and watch the Oscars. Some people do more talking than they do watching, but that’s because the ceremony can get pretty boring. Don’t miss out on your chance to be there, be seen there, or just lurk there with us. Click here for full details on where, when, and how to get there.

Start preparing by grabbing an Oscar Chat 4 T-shirt right off the rack. Or, hold out and see if I give one away for free during the chat event. I’ll have to go jiggle our budget.