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As this is an article about spoilers, it goes without saying that spoilers for The Force Awakens are abound. To read our spoiler-free review click here.

Since The Force Awakens was released nearly a month ago, it’s been an ongoing struggle to keep its plot points ambiguous for those fans who would be seeing the latest Star Wars film late. This has made discussion and writing regarding The Force Awakens rather difficult. Well, one of the film’s stars Oscar Isaac, who plays pilot and bad-ass Poe, has recently spoken regarding Star Wars spoilers and when we should stop tip-toeing around them:
Isn’t it time now? Look, I’m here, I’ll put my number out there if anyone has any questions.

There you go ladies and gents, General Leia’s most trusted pilot has spoken. There comes a point when being considerate becomes being ridiculous; after all, The Force Awakens was released on the 18th of December, which will be a month in just a few days. You’d think that anyone who was worried about spoilers would have stepped up and bought their ticket by now.

Spoilers were definitely a major issue when The Force Awakens was first released. Trolls who had seen early screenings seemed hellbent on ruining the experience for everyone else. Personally, the big Han Solo moment was ruined for me thanks to a Facebook comment. Despite having tickets for opening night, I went into the movie knowing what was going to happen to everyone’s favorite smuggler. And it did ruin the moment, for sure.

That being said, it has been frustrating to tiptoe around the plot The Force Awakens as time has gone on. The marketing behind the movie was rather brilliant, with essentially no details or plot points being revealed through trailers, merchandise, or posters. So, once we got to see Episode VII, it’s been almost impossible to talk about it with anyone who would listen.

Oscar Isaac himself must be rather sick of all of the Star Wars questions and spoilers. After all, the above quote was backstage during The Golden Globes after he had won for another project. Rather than discussing his win for HBO’s Show Me A Hero, he was asked about Star Wars spoilers.

Our very own Poe has one of the most successful careers out of the bunch of new Star Wars actors, including his foray into the superhero world with the highly anticipated X-Men: Apocalypse. A new star of the Sci-Fi world, it can be assumed that Oscar Isaac is going to have to get used to keeping his mouth shut regarding plots of these films. I guess that’s why he’s so eager to talk about it now, and is so sure that "it’s time": he’s been sitting on a secret for years.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is still currently in theaters. If you haven’t seen it then listen to Oscar Isaac and hurry it up!