Oz: The Great And Powerful could be the enchanting and wonderful prequel we’re all crossing our fingers for, or it could be an expensive and miserable mess. We won’t know until May, but based on the early footage and promotional materials, I am comfortable in saying the film will do at least one thing right. With vibrant costumes aggressive pops of color and larger than life scenescapes, Oz will be one of the most visually interesting films offered at the box office next year. If you don’t believe me, get a look at the newest poster.

The artwork puts one of the witches in full costume, surrounded by a forest that would like almost Bambi-esque if it wasn’t for the menacing tree monster howling in the background. To check out the poster in all its massive glory, you can head on over to Yahoo. To get a look at the small version, you can scroll below…

There’s so much incredible detail going on in this poster that it’s easy to lose track of the larger, more important question. Who the hell is that in the make-up? Michelle Williams is playing Glinda; so, that chick in the intimidating and witchy outfit is either Mila Kunis (Theodora) or Rachel Weisz (Evanora). Either way, I’m strangely attracted to her despite the fact she’d probably bring about my doom.

Given the studio (Disney), the director (Sam Raimi) and the budget (a lot of money), this should be just a drop in the bucket as far as promotional materials go by the time we hit the March 8 release date. Get pumped.

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