Pacific Rim 2 Just Got A Terrifying, A+ Teaser Poster

Nowadays, movies can’t just quietly slip into pre-production. They have to announce their presence YEARS in advance, staking out claim on an open weekend and reminding potential audiences members that they are coming. Not quite soon. But eventually. Like this gorgeous concept-art poster for Pacific Rim 2… a movie that won’t open in theaters for another three years. Enjoy?

Update: Confirmed that this isn't official. But it's still awesome!

Post by Pacific Rim.

The photo was shared on the community Facebook page for Pacific Rim, asking fans if they are "pumped" for the sequel, which is still a long ways off. It's a great idea... and a very cool use of Pac Rim-inspired imagery. But right off the bat, I can tell you the two things I do NOT see in the above image: Kaiju and Jaegars. I find it very hard to imagine that Pacific Rim 2 won’t have plenty of either. But for the moment, the awesomeness contained in the following clip is nowhere to be seen:

If I had to guess, I’d assume that this is because the fantastic beasts and menacing robots in Guillermo del Toro’s planned Pacific Rim 2 are still being designed by a team of illustrators, graphic designers and mad scientists in whatever lab Del Toro uses to cook up his crazy stories. So the fan who created this amazing concept poster doesn't know what to include. Yet.

At the moment, Pacific Rim 2 is looking at hitting an April 7, 2017. When last we heard, Guillermo del Toro was planning on directing, and was working on a screenplay with Zak Penn. They might even be trying to extend their premise into a larger trilogy of sci-fi monster stories. But the artist should remember that there were no holes in the ocean in the first movie. I can’t wait to see how they explain what we’re looking at in that amazing poster.

Sean O'Connell
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