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New Pacific Rim Trailer Shows Off More Mech Vs. Monster Awesomeness

I sure hope you're not sick of hearing Guillermo del Toro's name yet, because we have quite a cool treat to give you for the end of the day.

We've been talking about the filmmaker all day, from his continued efforts to get his adaptation of At The Mountains of Madness off the ground to his new DC Comics project Dark Universe, but the truth is that at this stage both of those projects are theoretical. Pacific Rim, however, the director's next film, is very real. We're not too far removed from seeing the movie's first trailer, which premiered last month, but today at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Warner Bros. premiered a brand new spot for the movie and now that trailer has found its way online. Check it out below!

Based on an original script by Travis Beacham, Pacific Rim is set in a distant future where a portal to another dimension has opened up beneath the Pacific Ocean and has begun to pour out giant, skyscraper-sized monsters colloquially known as Kaiju. In order to protect their world from the invading creatures, the world's governments team up to create giant mechs called Jaegers, which they hope to use to drive the aliens back where they came from. Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, and Ron Perlman star in the film, which will be in theaters on July 12th. To see more from the movie, including the aforementioned first trailer as well as posters and stills, be sure to head over to our Blend Film Database.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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