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I really don’t understand why parents allow their little girls to be involved in this stuff but Bratz, those slutty dolls you see on the toy shelves in the little girls section of the store (you know the ones with too much makeup and too short mini-skirts), are getting turned into a movie. Luckily, it looks like the movie will be less slutty than the toys, because USA Today has published pics of the girls they’ve cast to play the dolls, and they don’t look slutty at all. In fact, they look surprisingly normal.

Bratz is being produced by Marvel mogul and Spider-Man producer Avi Arad and he insist “There's nothing in the movie you wouldn't want your 5-year-old to see.” Alright, I’m willing to trust him.

The cast list is as follows: Nathalia Ramos plays Yasmin, Skyler Shaye as Cloe, Janel Parrish as Jade, and Logan Browning (yes Logan is a girl’s name) as Sasha. Granted, those character names all sound like stripper names. But if you see USA Today’s pics of the actresses they’ve cast, they’re not stripperish at all. I’ve posted two of them below, to see them call click over to USA Today to figure out if you’re going to let your daughter see it.