Peter Parker Dominates Bullies In Even More New Amazing Spider-Man Images

We thought we'd seen the bulk of Entertainment Weekly's massive set of stills from The Amazing Spider-Man as of this post yesterday. It turns out, that was just the beginning. The gallery at EW now includes 15 images, including the five new ones you see below. Get your first look at Denis Leary as Captain Stacy, Gwen's dad, Rhys Ifans as the Lizard going through some tough watery times, plus Peter Parker facing off against a high school rival played by Chris Zylka, both on the basketball court and up against the lockers. OK, based on these images Peter himself seems to be the bully, but you've got to assume there were some swirlies and noogies given before these photos take place.

There's more where that came from in the EW gallery, along with the images we've already seen in scan form, so head over there for the full look. At this point I'm wondering what Sony's even going to have left to show with their big panel at Comic Con next Friday-- presumably a lot of these images link up to scenes that we'll see at Comic Con, though surprisingly absent are any shots of Spider-Man in costume and in action. I don't think the studio will leave Comic Con without at least one shot of a web being shot out of those mechanical shooters, so that's one surprise I think we can safely assume they've left in the chamber.

With this massive release of images in Entertainment Weekly The Amazing Spider-Man has safely positioned itself as the superhero to beat at this year's Comic Con. Sure, there's not exactly a lot of competition, but Sony could have just sat back and spread out over the vacuum left by the absence of the Avengers. Instead they're aggressively moving forward, reminding everybody about the gawky New Yorker they loved at the movies before those upstarts Tony Stark and Thor came along. Smart, smart move.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend