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Everyone remembers the story of the FBI agent who had an affair with an informant and then ran into trouble when she threatened to tell his wife and boss. Actually, I had never heard of the story of Mark Putnam and probably would have remained ignorant of him to this day if Phillip Noyce hadn’t agreed to direct a movie about the events surrounding Putnam’s affair called Above Suspicion.

According to HR, Noyce is going to direct the screenplay written by Mississippi Burning writer Chris Gerolmo. Gerolmo, in turn, based his script on a book by New York Times columnist Joe Sharkey. Sharkey, in turn, based his book on Putnam not being able to keep his gun in its holster, if you catch my drift, wink, wink.

Putnam was a rookie agent when he started interrogating one of his informants in private. She ended up with child and that is when things start to go downhill for Putnam. No word on who will star in the drama, but Noyce is top-notch, so a good actor could turn this into another Breach, which would be nice.