Photos From Wolverine's World War II Set

Ever wonder what Saving Private Ryan would have been like if Hugh Jackman had been in it, and he sported huge sideburns in the process? Well, it looks like the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine will give you an idea of what that would have looked like. Based on some set photos that have emerged over at Film Grenade, Wolverine will be storming the beaches of Normandy—or some kind of equivalent—in the 2009 movie.

Now, I can’t pick Hugh Jackman out of the assorted soldiers in these photos, not to mention the hundreds of crew members tossed in there too. But sharper eyes than mine confirm that Jackman is one of the boys in helmets, who are clearly decked out as World War II soldiers. Wolverine’s back story includes some time spent fighting World War II (with Captain America!), so presumably this section of the origin tale will be the detour overseas to see Wolverine fight for the noble Canadian army.

My favorite of these images is the very long, panoramic one, in which you see two surfers in the foreground, oblivious to the battle going on behind them. Oh, Hollywood, what you can create and edit out with your CGI magic! Check out Film Grenade’s full versions or see smaller ones down below.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend