Alexandre Aja has yet to make an original American film. Since making his way to the states following the success of 2003's High Tension, Aja has directed The Hills Have Eyes, Mirrors, and Piranha, three films based on projects that have been previously made. Fortunately it looks like that part of his career is over. Going forward it seems to be all about adaptations. It began in December when he signed on to helm a feature version of Joe Hill's Horns, but Deadline says he's not stopping there.

The director is currently in talks to direct Undying Love, a new film based on the Image Comics graphic novel. The project first came about last summer when Warner Bros. grabbed the rights to the title, which is an eight-part mini-series written and illustrated by Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman. The story follows a former soldier named John Sargent living in Hong Kong who falls in love with a beautiful woman named Mei. There is one catch, however: Mei is a vampire. In order for them to be together, Sargent must transform Mei back into a human and the only way to do that is by killing the vampire that created her - unfortunately, that's no easy task given that she was turned by one of the most powerful vampires of all time. Coker and Freedman wrote the script for the project and have described their influences for the story as Sid and Nancy and True Romance.

While Aja has plenty of experience dealing with monsters, what he isn't as well versed in is gritty noir. As a result, it's hard to know what to expect from him on this project. What do you think? Is Alexandre Aja the right choice?

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