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Pitch Perfect Trailer Has Anna Kendrick Showing Off Her Voice

A movie that involves a cappella singing is probably an easy sell for me, but watching the trailer for Jason Moore's upcoming music-themed comedy Pitch Perfect, it was actually the cast that grabbed my attention first. That may have been the intention of the trailer all along as we don't get so much as a note from any of the characters for the first thirty seconds or so. And then it's songs abound, with a solid demonstration of Anna Kendrick's vocal abilities and some samples of the covers featured in the film.

Directed by Avenue Q's Jason Moore and written by 30 Rock's Kay Cannon, Pitch Perfect stars Anna Kendrick as a girl who finds her place within a group of a cappella singers while at college. She soon ends up helping them change up their arrangements and improve their vocals so that they can raise their game and rise up in the competitive college a cappella scene. Check out the trailer below and prepare yourselves for Rebel Wilson goofiness, Bring It On-style pep, and covers in the key of Ace of Base and Blackstreet.

It's peppy and definitely female-focused, which won't be for everyone. But something tells me there will be an audience for this one, and I'll count myself among it. I have NBC's The Sing-Off (and Ben Folds) to thank (or blame) for my relatively recently acquired enhanced appreciation for voices-only music. And that may be part of the reason I can't help but hope Pitch Perfect proves to be as entertaining as it looks.

While the trailer offers a combination of musical and funny, the story itself doesn't look like anything we haven't seen before, especially in this age of Glee. But in addition to music and humor, Pitch Perfect features some really talented females, including Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids), Anna Kendrick (Up In The Air), Anna Camp (True Blood, The Help) and Brittany Snow (Hairspray). Factor that in with the music, which includes covers of retro pop hits like "No Diggity" and "Hey Mickey," and we could be in for something really fun here.

Pitch Perfect arrives in theaters October 5. More information on the film can be found in our Blend Film Database.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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