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Pixar's Inside Out Has More Problems Than We Realized, See Why

Pixar’s Inside Out was a nearly perfect film. This is a fact, and if you disagree, you’ll just have to be ok being wrong. However, just because a movie is perfect doesn’t mean somebody on the internet isn’t going to tear it apart. Although, just because they tear it apart doesn’t mean they’re not funny.

The Honest Trailer for Inside Out does hit all the expected beats, like the obligatory reference to Herman’s Head that no discussion of the film can be without. However, it also raises some interesting questions, like exactly how can emotions have emotions other than whatever emotion they embody? That doesn’t actually make a lot of sense. We advise you to be careful while watching this, though. The movie trailer voice guy kind of loses his cool at one point as the jokes don’t actually cut through the emotional impact of the film. The joke trailer may actually have you tearing up the same way the movie did. We know you did, it’s ok. We promise we won’t even mention the imaginary friend by name because you’ll probably start crying again while reading this. It’s actually hard to believe that scene was actually longer. Is it even possible to be more sad?

Actually, one of the more interesting bits in the trailer is the list of emotions that are "not starring" in the film. People certainly have more than five emotions, which does make the film a little reductive in that regard. One of the emotions mentioned in the list is reason, which actually was originally planned to be in the film but was dropped. It would have been a very different film if some of the other potential emotions had been included. We’re really not sure about "that feeling you get when you peel dried glue off your fingers," though. Is that really an emotion?

There’s another aspect of this trailer which is more than a little creepy, however. The idea that the emotions control, and lack thereof, of Riley is tantamount to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It’s terrifying because it’s true. If we’re not actually in control of our emotions but instead have our buttons being pressed by other sentient beings, what does that mean? Does this have broader implications in the Pixar Universe? Does Syndrome from The Incredibles have nobody running his console? He’s obviously a sociopath so that would make sense. These are the important questions we should be asking.

Pixar is continuing their assault on your tear ducts next month with the release of The Good Dinosaur, which is promising to be another emotional journey.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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