Police Academy Remake Gets A Director

Steve Guttenberg in the Police Academy trailer.
(Image credit: Warner Bros)

If there's any movie we really don't need, it's a remake of Police Academy. The original film, released in 1984, was a fairly stupid comedy and the sequels that followed were even worse. The series has its fans, but does that mean they would be interested in a 21st century version of the exact same premise? I can't think of anybody that would actually be interested in a new version of Police Academy, but that's never stopped Hollywood before. Hence why we now have this story from Deadline.

New Line has hired Scott Zabielski to direct a new version of the 80s Steve Guttenberg-starring comedy. The film will be Zabielski's first feature, though he does have some directing experience, having done 51 episodes of the Comedy Central series Tosh.0 (albeit that series is basically Daniel Tosh standing in front of a green screen making jokes about YouTube videos). In a funny twist, Zabielski may actually be able to input some of his own experiences into the film, as he actually trained in a police academy and serves as a reserve police officer in West Hollywood, California. This isn't the first time that a remake of Police Academy has been brought up. In March 2010 the studio was actively looking for a new cast, but it's likely a great deal has changed since then.

I'm going to close out this article with a poll, because I honestly can't think of a single person that this idea could be interesting to. Would you actually want to see a remake of Police Academy? Leave your thoughts and reasons in the comments section below.

Eric Eisenberg
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