Propaganda Posters From Your Favorite Films

During World War II, it was fairly common to see propaganda with pop culture icons like Superman and Bugs Bunny. Much of the material was bitterly racist, particularly in its depiction of the Japanese, but it also helped swing public favor towards helping the United States' allies in Europe. But what if, instead of having popular film characters comment on real life issues, they instead remained in their own universe?

Cracked held a Photoshop challenge with this exact premise, and the results are fantastic. With submissions from War of the Worlds, Cloverfield, The Dark Knight and Star Wars, most of the posters are both funny and well made. I always had an inkling that Big Brother was watching, but I didn't realize it was Big Brother from the Berenstain Bears.

Check out some of the best submissions below and be sure to check out the rest over at Cracked.

Eric Eisenberg
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