Puff Daddy's Behavior On The Set Of Get Him To The Greek Was Weird And Awesome

Watch out! You never know when someone is going to try and mind fuck you. I might be doing it right now, as you attempt to read this story. Mind fucking is when you get so deep inside someone’s head that you basically own them. Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs introduced it to Neighbors director Nicholas Stoller on the set of Get Him to the Greek, and it was so bizarre and entertaining, the writer director had to get it in the actual film.

Nick Stoller did an AMA today in support of Neighbors, but the topic of "Diddy" came up often… to the point where we kind of had to cover the sheer number of amazing things we learned about Puff Daddy thanks to this candid chat. Like, for example, the "mind fuck" mentality. That’s apparently all Sean Combs, as Nicholas Stoller explains:

I did not make that up. He told us that theory, which then I immediately put into the film. That was one of my favorite scenes to shoot ever. He yelled something at Jonah [Hill] during that scene and Jonah was actually scared. We captured that on camera and it was one of the funniest things in the movie."

See if you can spot two-time Oscar nominee Jonah Hill cowering at the idea of being mind fucked by Sean Combs in this Get Him to the Greek clip, directed by Nicholas Stoller:

Asking that one Diddy question opened up the door to a series of interesting Sean Combs tidbits from the Get Him to the Greek set. When asked what was the funniest moment he’d ever experienced as a director, Stoller didn’t conjure any memories of Seth Rogen, Zac Efron or Russell Brand. He dipped back into the Diddy well, explaining:

Diddy doesn't sleep at night, so he would sleep between takes. There's nothing funnier than seeing Sean Combs wrapped up in a Louis Vuitton blanket like an adorable child."

He also got an unusual number of questions about Jason Segel’s penis, and Seth Rogen’s "Jewishness," if that’s a word? And he recounted an amusing story about visiting Diddy in a recording studio one time, then getting trapped in a series of studio visits that kept him out until 3 a.m. "We had to politely excuse ourselves and take a cab to the restaurant to pick up our cars," he recalls.

Comedy is an improvisational effort, and you never really know what is going to be truly funny until you are trying it on set and then, later, screening it in front of an audience. So it’s amusing to learn that the moments from Stoller’s career that stand out to him involve an off-the-cuff rapper/mogul who talked about infiltrating Jonah Hill’s brain with his private parts. Look for like-minded lunacy when Neighbors opens in theaters near you on May 9.

Sean O'Connell
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