Queen Takes The Throne

Frank Miller made quite a splash with the movie Sin City, based on his graphic novel of the same name. Sometimes lightning strikes twice, if you're lucky. Or if you're Jim Caviezel.

According to Variety, Headey has been cast in Frank Miller's 300, directed by Zach Snyder. She will star opposite Gerard Butler, best known as the facially impaired lead of Phantom Of The Opera.

Headey is not a big star in America yet, but she may be well on her way. She appears in the critically-slammed (although I liked it) movie Brothers Grimm as a beautiful woman who licks toads for directions. In 300 she will play the Queen of Sparta named Gorgo, who oversees the land while her husband (Butler) is fighting the real-life battle of Thermopylae. No, I can't pronounce that either. 300 Spartan soldiers fought with him, hence the title.

Production begins on October 17th, in the far far land of Montreal.