The Scream Awards have become a nonstop source for new clips and trailers you had no idea you were expecting. They already gave us our first bootleg look at the Scream 4 trailer and a deleted scene from Avatar (which Fox lawyers have successfully kept offline… for now), and now they're premiering a much smaller film. James Gunn's Super premiered in the Midnight Madness section at the Toronto Film Festival last month, and was picked up by iFC shortly after, despite the fact that it's insanely violent and totally not what you expect even from a movie in which Rainn Wilson plays a superhero. I wrote in my review that the movie is fun but wildly inconsistent, and I was seriously wondering if any distributor would be willing to take a gamble on the film.

As it turns out, IFC is even braver than we believed, and promoting the movie during the Scream Awards may be their first step in honestly trying to get audiences to buy into this violent superhero. At least the first clip, which you can watch below, doesn't bother with the soft sell. In line at the movies, Wilson's character Frank is outraged to see a guy cut in line, and will not stand for it; after a quick change in the car he returns in his superhero getup as Crimson Bolt, and exacts what he thinks of as proper justice.

Warning: I do not lie when I say this clip is violent. If you're feeling strong enough, though, give it a shot anyway. The film is set for release sometime next year.

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