Ever since the film's panel at New York Comic Con a week and a half ago, we've been hearing nonstop about how bloody and surprisingly good the new Evil Dead remake looks. And though a green-band trailer went online to try and prove it, when you're dealing with serious gore, the proof is all in the red band trailer. Now Sony Pictures has finally release the red-band for The Evil Dead, and you can check it out below-- if you dare.

You've got your chainsaw, your tree rape and your splatters of blood, which are all familiar holdovers from the original Evil Dead from Sam Raimi. But this trailer shows off an entire modern aesthetic, with the hot teenagers and blown-out photography looking a lot more like Turistas or the Halloween remake than classic horror. That's, surely, part of the point-- you don't remake Evil Dead unless you're trying to appeal to a younger audience not familiar with the original, and like it or not, this is the language that modern horror movies speak in.

As a complete horror weenie (who still enjoys the oddities and humor of the original Evil Dead), I can barely handle watching this trailer and all that tongue-slicing, so I plan to stay as far away from this movie as I'm allowed. But how about you, horror aficionados? Are you as convinced by these early looks at the new movie as our resident horror fan Kristy is? Or is seeing the classic Evil Dead tropes updated for modern times just a total bummer? Let us know in the comments.

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