Reese Witherspoon continues to aim for variety with regards to the films she takes. At present, she's starring in Atom Egoyan's West Memphis Three film Devil's Knot, which I expect to have a darker tone, given the true story on which it's based. And on a lighter note, she's also set to star in the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus feature adaptation. And now it looks like she's attached to another romantic comedy, playing a starring role in The Beard.

According to THR, The Beard's title is a reference to a person of the opposite sex who poses as the date or significant other of a gay person in an effort to give off the impression that they're straight. The film is based on a spec-script by Becca Greene, but THR doesn't have any details on the premise beyond the title's explanation. There's also no information mentioned on who will direct, but in addition to starring, Witherspoon will also produce along with Peter Chernin.

Witherspoon's no stranger to romantic comedies, with recent credits that include How Do You Know and This Means War, the latter of which delved into action territory, but at its core, was a romcom. With Devil's Knot currently shooting and her involvement in the upcoming independent film Big Eyes, it's good to see her picking up some lighter projects, including Men are from Mars and The Beard to balance things out. And, assuming she's playing the role of "the beard" in this romantic comedy, it'll be interesting to see who's cast as the male lead.

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