Rihanna In A Bodyguard Remake?

I’m not much of one for the celebrity gossip columns. Even though we have a Celebrity section, I tend to avoid it like the plague. So it took another site reporting on something from WENN (specifically Filmstalker) for me to catch that there’s talk about a remake of the Kevin Costner / Whitney Houston romance The Bodyguard

My first thought was that The Bodyguard hasn’t been around long enough for a remake, but the truth is it has been - we’ve certainly gotten other movies rebooted and remade in less time. Appropriately, the vague source says musical artist Rihanna is in talks to play the Whitney Houston role. Hmmm, both the original and the remake starring an African American musician turned actress who happens to be in a potentially abusive relationship? A little too similar if you ask me. I guess the parallel is too easy a mark, although the indication seems to be this as in consideration prior to the recent Chris Brown incident.

Now, Filmstalker points out that there isn’t much credibility to the article (it does come from WENN, after all), but I have to say I don’t hate the idea as much as I initially thought that I would. I don’t know how Rihanna is as an actress, but I didn’t know how Houston was prior to The Bodyguard. If this does wind up happening, let’s just hope the studio can find someone a bit more charismatic than Kevin Costner to play the male lead. Could I suggest Morris Chestnut? Sure, you lose the interracial element of the relationship, but that was never a huge aspect of the movie anyway, and Chestnut would make a hell of a former secret service agent turned bodyguard.