Rob Cohen Gives Mummy Updates

I haven’t been keeping close tabs on Rob Cohen’s Mummy 3 production blog. The intial post felt somewhat forced and I didn’t think there would be much there worth reading. I was only partially right. While Cohen hasn’t blogged the way many movie directors and actors do, he has given some interesting tidbits into the production behind The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, which is about to finish the first half of its shoot.

In his last few entries the director talks about Brendan Frasier’s dedication to both his career and this movie. Frasier took a request to train in a fighting style for the film to heart and Cohen feels the result will make the movie incredible. More recently, as the film nears the halfway point, Cohen brags about keeping the shoot on schedule, which astounds both the director himself and the studio brass. Cohen also reveals the movie will have over 700 visual effects shots, most of which take place toward the end of the movie, which means he’s having to edit the film as they go to get it to production houses in time for them to turn it around before the early July deadline.

Cohen has also updated with a few new videos created by Todd Grossman. One is on stuntmen, the other on camera cranes, and yet another video is promised within the next few days looking at why people in the movie-making industry have chosen this as their career. Expect to see this stuff on the eventual DVD for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.