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Robert Pattinson Joins Benedict Cumberbatch Searching For The Lost City Of Z

I’m pretty sure if I just packed a bag and left my house right now, I’d be able to stumble upon the famed Lost City of Z before the long-gestating film of the same name ever gets made. In various forms of pre-production since 2008, The Lost City of Z may finally be headed towards filming, now that Robert Pattinson has reportedly joined the recently added Benedict Cumberbatch as the film’s only cast members. A pretty boy ex-vampire and Khaaaaan should certainly make an interesting pairing.

Not that Pattinson’s involvement in and of itself will get the movie made. This week’s American Film Market event will probably seal the film’s fate one way or another, but having two headlining actors set will definitely give it an extra boost in the eyes of potential distributors. Panorama Media will be financing with Brad Pitt’s Plan B imprint producing. This fact that this movie didn’t even get fast-tracked at Paramount before Pitt dropped out of the starring role may have previously seemed like nails in a coffin, but perhaps this newer class of Hollywood stars will prove more attractive to backers.

Adapted from the 2009 article-turned-book from author David Grann, Lost City will tell the story of military man and explorer Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett (Cumberbatch), who dedicated the final years of his life trying to locate the mythical Amazonian city described in ancient texts. He traveled back and forth to the region many times on failed expeditions, and when no one wanted to fund his trips any more, he used his own finances for one last excursion with his son, and neither man made it out alive. It’s too bad they didn’t have Google Earth back then.

While there’s no confirmation of who Pattinson would be playing in the report, which comes from ScreenDaily via Indiewire, it seems obvious that he’d be playing Fawcett’s co-adventuring son, unless he would for some reason be playing Grann, who also travelled to the Amazon to bring up new evidence for the book. Or maybe he’ll just play another one of Fawcett’s offspring who doesn’t want to go anywhere.

Pattinson is a busy guy these days, with David Michôd’s outback drama The Rover and David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars both wrapping production this year. He’s also set to star as T.E. Lawrence in Werner Herzog’s upcoming Queen of the Desert, so don’t be surprised if Lost City still takes a while to get rolling, even if it does find buyers.

Interested in the background story? Check out the mini-documentary below. Put it side by side with films from the Twilight saga.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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