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Considering the fact that it took years to officially get off the ground, Deadpool, the movie, breezed through production with nary a hitch. Ryan Reynolds made excellent use of social media (and traditional media), sharing exactly what he wanted from the movie’s set while also assuring fans that their vision of the classic anti-hero was making its way to the screen. And now, filming appears to be done, with Reynolds leaving this note to Deadpool’s diehard fans:

The Tweet from Ryan Reynolds was the latest in a fairly lengthy list of items shared by the action star as filming continued on Deadpool in Vancouver. We got a great look at the character’s costume in behind-the-scenes photos and action poses. Reynolds spent time with a sick child on set, granting the wish of a rabid Deadpool fan. And this promo stunt with Mario Lopez continues to make me laugh.

Essentially, this movie has operated more as an open book than previous superhero projects, which often go to great lengths to protect the number of secrets that the filmmaking team has in store for fans. And it was a refreshing approach. Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller have immense passion for the Deadpool character. They shared what they felt like they could with fans during the making of the movie. And now it’s off to the editing room, to cobble together what they hope will be an acceptable (and R-rated) cut of the movie.

From what we know, Deadpool will be a proper origin story for The Merc With A Mouth, a wise-cracking Special Forces operative who undergoes a series of experiments that turn him into a lethal assassin with a unique healing power. As Reynolds points out in the above video, this is NOT the version of the character that was butchered in X-Men: Origins – Wolverine, with the actor going the extra mile to make up for a mistake that was actually out of his hands.

I’ll be curious to see what the future holds for Deadpool. He easily could inspire sequels. Or he could factor in to Fox’s expanding X-Men plans, maybe teaming with The New Mutants, or finding a way to collaborate with a new Wolverine. For the time being, Deadpool opens in theaters on February 12, 2016. Are you going to check it out?

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