Scott Eastwood Joins Clint Eastwood In Baseball Film Trouble With The Curve

Clint Eastwood proved he still had it with his fantastic performance in the 2008 film Gran Torino. And this weekend, he proved it again by lending his talent through voice and brief appearance in Chrysler’s “Halftime” commercial. His next big screen venture is a baseball drama called Trouble with the Curve, which he’s not only starring in, but also producing along with Robert Lorenz through Malpaso Productions.

Marking Lorenz’ directing debut, the film will have Clint Eastwood playing a baseball scout who’s having vision problems. He and his daughter (Amy Adams) travel to Atlanta to check out a “hot prospect.”

Joining the cast, which already includes Justin Timberlake and John Goodman, in addition to Eastwood and Adams, is Eastwood’s son Scott Eastwood. According to Variety, Scott will play a “ slumping minor league player who the protag discovered and still has faith in.” It’s hard to tell how big a role it is from that description, but it does sound like there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing them on screen together.

This isn’t the first time Scott Eastwood has appeared in the same film as his father. The actor appeared in Flags of Our Fathers, Gran Torino, and Invictus. While the family connection certainly can’t hurt, Variety notes that Scott did have to audition for the part in Curve.

As for what’s ahead for Scott Eastwood aside from this, he’s set to appear in Lionsgate’s Leatherface 3D, as well as the Curtis Hanson directed Of Men and Mavericks, which tells the story of surfer Jay Moriarity.

Kelly West
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