See The Batmobile On The Set Of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Sweet ride, Bats. A Detroit native took social media by storm last night when he posted what are believed to be the first images of Ben Affleck’s Batmobile from Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The Instagram account of amacro13 went nuts with comments, where he explained that he didn’t get to see the car in action, but that it was parked in Detroit (and open to photos somehow). Check them out below, and we will kick into some serious analysis.

And this one, which backs up a bit to give us the full profile of Batman’s new assault vehicle.

The look of the new Batmobile is a lot closer in design to Christopher Nolan’s military-style ride than it is to, say, the Adam West car. That basically was a tricked-out convertible with a long body, gliders on the sides and back, but still held the form and function of a car.

Tim Burton started to enhance the structure of the Batmobile in his films, but they still had an overblown sense of ornate design to them. It was Nolan who suggested that Bruce Wayne would have acquired his tumbler through military channels, so the Batmobile would be more rugged, formidable and macho. Zack Snyder appears to have built on that starting point.

"It’s a black… tank." This new car isn’t quite as boxy as Batman’s Nolan rides. The tires remain chunky and wide, but the body narrows into a stealth design. The doors, as you can see, lift like those of a DeLorean. (Is this a time machine?!) And the enhancements around the tires suggest that this ride is fortified for heavy fire. Perhaps this grizzled, veteran Batman has been through some messes before, and know that he needs a vehicle that can sustain damages.

It has to be near impossible to shoot on the streets of Detroit while attempting to hide your secrets. That’s how image like this get out. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens everywhere on March 25, 2016. What else will we see before then?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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