See Empire Records Cast Members Reunited For A Photo

Empire Records Reunion

What's with today, today? It's a photo so great, you'd think it were Rex Manning Day! It isn't, actually, but that's no reason not to appreciate a reunion photo featuring some of the cast of Empire Records. The above photo shows us some of the male leads as they are today, nearly twenty years after the film arrived in theaters and made all of us - or those of us in the throws of a grunge-rock infused adolescence, anyway - daydream about working in a music store, where no one actually does much work and you got to listen to music and meddle in each others' personal lives all day.

Via Vulture, the above photo was Tweeted by Empire Records star Ethan Embry, along with the following caption.

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Well, not entirely 20 years, but close enough. Empire Records released in 1995, which seems like just yesterday, but actually is close to two decades. As Embry points out, the photo shows us Warren (Brendan Sexton III), Eddie (James 'Kimo' Wills), Berko (Coyote Shivers), A.J. (Johnny Whitworth) and Mark (Ethan Embry).

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm thinking that's Whitworth with the blue shirt and glasses, Sexton's getting hugged, Embry's doing the hugging, Shivers is in the black looking pretty much exactly as he did in 1995, and I want to say that Wills is the guy right next to Shivers.

Here's how they looked back then:

A.J. and Warren...

Warren and AJ



Eddie with the mix tape:


And Mark with a "C" wanting money…

Mark dancing

Of the male leads, missing from the photo are Rory Cochrane (Lucas), Anthony LaPaglia (Joe) and Maxwell Caulfied (Rex Manning). And of the ladies, there was Debi Mazar as Jane, Robin Tunney as Debra, Renee Zellweger as Gina and of course, Liv Tyler as Corey.

Look-backs seem to be the trend today. Earlier, we had a look at the characters of Back to the Future as they are now by comparison to the future versions of themselves in BTTF II.

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