See What Accutech Has To Offer At Stark Expo 2010

“Putting aside the obvious commercial applications of HazTech, our priority is to unlock its humanitarian potential. By better protecting the lives of peacekeepers and emergency rescue teams, we can help them save the lives of others.”

Those are the words of Accutech CEO Charles Healey speaking about their latest breakthrough in human enhancement technology, the Haztech Exoskeleton, and what an exciting piece of equipment it is. Not only does it have rehabilitative uses, the military implications are never ending, protecting the wearer from extreme impact and the elements. Make your way to Accutech's company profile to find out just what it has to offer.

Who doesn't love a good bit of viral marketing, eh? Sure, it's easy to oversaturate a market with useless bullshit about your movie, but when it's done right it's fun and very effective, which seems to be the case for the new Iron Man 2 viral website. I'm no Iron Man aficionado, so I'm going to leave it to you readers and fan boys to pick this video apart and update everyone in the comments below about exactly what the specifics of this video and website may imply.

Any ideas? For more details on the suit head over to Accutech's Stark Expo page and pore over it and the press release with a fine tooth comb. They wouldn't be bothering with this kind of marketing if they weren't hiding something from us, and I'm tasking you true fans to find it.