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While she’s well known for her starring role in The Disney Channel’s The Wizards of Waverly Place, not to mention the headlines she makes as a celebrity (and the girlfriend of a certain Bieber), Selena Gomez is also working on a film career. Movies like Ramona and Beezus and Monte Carlo seem to cater more toward the audience she’s already built for herself with her TV projects, but this upcoming role sounds like it could be a bit more grown up. Could Selena Gomez be branching out? It’s hard to say.

According to Deadline, Gomez is up for a part in Hot Mess, a film that’s based on a script which was written by Jenni Ross, and appeared on last year’s Black List. According to the description on the list, the film is about “four girlfriends make, and then break, a list of rules devised to get the guys of their dreams and discover their inner hot messes in the process.”

I’ve always interpreted the phrase “a hot mess” to be a negative remark on someone’s appearance or general state of being, but maybe it means something different in this case, or perhaps discovering their “inner hot messes” has something to do with proudly displaying the things that make them different or less than perfect. Or maybe I don't understand the meaning of the phrase "hot mess." Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what the tone of this movie is. Gomez is nineteen, which means she’s still well within the range to play younger characters, however this may be an opportunity for her to reach out to a young adult and adult audience.