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Shanghai Noon 2-Movie Collection Hitting Blu-ray For The First Time Next Month

It’s been a dozen years since Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan teamed up for Shanghai Noon, an over-the-top action and comedy adventure film featuring two guys teaming up to solve a crime. A couple of years later, the guys teamed up again for Shanghai Knights, a film which took the guys out of the West and sent them to London. It’s been a decade since the two actors have worked together in a buddy-cop type of dynamic, but you can catch the guys back in action when the Shanghai Noon 2-Movie Collection hits Blu-ray for the first time on May 7.


When Shanghai Noon first hit DVD, it was memorable for offering a lengthy gag reel, featuring jokes cracked by both leads in the series as well as a gag featuring a horse. Now, Walt Disney Home Entertainment’s Blu-ray will be notable for its enhanced picture and sound, although no new bonus features are popping up.

This isn’t the first time that both movies have been packaged together. Back in 2008, Disney released a DVD combo pack offering both flicks together, and the cover art for the set has been re-used in this case. If you already own one or both movies, or especially a combo pack, it doesn’t seem like the Blu-ray release will really offer any novel reason to re-purchase. On the bright side, if you are a fan of the drinking scene in the first movie or enjoyed the zeppelin in the second, the enhanced picture and reasonable price of the new set might be enough reason to give the Shanghai Noon 2-Movie Collection.

You can preorder the 2-Movie Collection over at Amazon.

Jessica Rawden

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