Sharon Stone was in her mid-thirties when she teamed with Michael Douglas and Paul Verhoeven for the steamy Basic Instinct, and the idea of the lusty blonde in a lurid sexual thriller was tantalizing. Today, Stone’s 53, and the idea of her committing to a lurid sexual thriller is … well, less tantalizing. But we’re willing to let this thing play out.

Stone has signed on to star in director Tony Kaye’s Attachment, which would cast her as a married woman who has an illicit affair with a student, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That’s bad. But things get worse when the boy begins dating Stone’s teenage daughter, and starts terrorizing the family from his new position embedded in the household. Christopher Denham penned the Attachment screenplay, which Kaye reportedly aims to start shooting in April.

That’s a decent set up, and fits Stone like a sexy glove. It factors in her age, but acknowledges the inherent lustiness that swirls around Stone like a fog. And it continues this steamy track the actress finds herself on as of late. She’s currently filming a role in the Linda Lovelace biopic, playing the porn star’s mom, so the transition to Kaye’s sexual thriller shouldn’t be as arduous as one might think.

Kaye, meanwhile, has a completely different feature in Detachment reaching theaters soon. Instead of sexually active cougars, it focuses on substitute teachers trying to make a difference in the classroom. But the American History X filmmaker already has displayed an ability to operate comfortably in various genres, so Attachment should end up being right up Kaye’s alley.

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