I’m not one the type of person to easily get skeeved out or scared, but something about Santa in a freaky mask going about his business as a serial killer really manages to hit both of those nerves. The reboot of Silent Night, Deadly Night, streamlined with the title Silent Night, is coming to Blu-ray and DVD on December 4, and to celebrate, Anchor Bay has extended us a clip from the flick to share with fans. One thing’s for certain—the release promises to be bloody.

Unfortunately, while we don’t get to see bad Santa in action in the “Crime Scene” clip, we do get to see our police officer lead, Aubrey Bradimore (Jaime King) head through a creepy, dark home until she eventually reaches a back bedroom. The room is really dimly lit, but the blood stains covering everything are bright red and extremely clear in the backdrop. When a phone begins ringing, it alludes to the fact that King’s junior police officer character is in for a rather big surprise.

Silent Night follows two detectives, one played by King and the other played by Malcolm McDowell, as they try to track down a serial killer in a small town. To complicate matters, their killer is dressed as Santa and is hiding out in the town just on the eve of the town's popular Christmas parade. The set won’t come with a ton of bonus features, but at least the cover art is pretty catchy.

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