Some Bring It On Cast Members Admit They Got Arrested During Filming

You almost can’t have a teen movie without having cheerleaders in it. I mean, really, how can you talk about jocks without the ultimate jock enablers being a large part of the picture? Fifteen years ago, audiences were treated to the definitive cinematic word on all things cheerleading, Bring It On. Along with your typical teenaging-is-so-hard storylines, the film also managed to deal with classism, prejudice, and homosexuality, so, hey, not bad for a teen movie about cheerleaders battling for a championship. But the cast also got up to some behind the scenes shenanigans that ended in arrest.

Cast members Gabrielle Union (Isis), Kirsten Dunst (Torrance), Jesse Bradford (Cliff) and Eliza Dushku (Missy) reunited to talk to about their experiences making the teen film, and Yahoo Movies boiled the info down to the essential dirt we all want to know. As people in their twenties will sometimes do, many of the cast members of Bring It On felt the need to cut a little loose between days of filming. And, as any young person within a few hours drive of the border is wont to do, some of them, including Eliza Dushku and Jesse Bradford, headed for good old Mexico to get their rocks off. And things didn’t turn out exactly as planned. Bradford relayed the story of an apparently wild time in Mexico with his cast mates that led to them all spending time in the slammer. That’s right, jail. In Mexico.

Bradford managed to reveal this information without throwing anyone under the Mexican-jail bus, and without giving up major details like what they did or how long it took them to get carted off the pokey. Eliza Dushku did, however, make sure that everyone knows they were not your typical spoiled actor types who got thrown in jail in a foreign country and then panicked, made everything worse, and had to be bailed out by a squad of agents, handlers, and film producers. Oh no, these actors handled their own business. Check out the full interview below.

So, a warning to anyone starring in a movie that films anywhere near Rosarito, Mexico. Watch yourself. Or, if you can’t, be prepared to bust out some Clover style moves to convince a judge to let you go. Because, you know, how else could a bunch of actors gotten out of a jam like that so fast and with so little scandal?

Bring It On went on to be a surprise hit and even led to four direct-to-video sequels, making it (probably) the only cheerleading movie in history to spawn such a huge cult following. For the actors involved in this cheerleading saga, though, they have more memories than just being part of a huge hit. 

Adrienne Jones
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