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Spoilerific Transformers 3 Opening Scene Revealed?

There’s not a whole lot you could tell me about a Transformers sequel that will get me excited about it. The story has been completely watered down to accommodate as much CGI violence as Bay could cram onto the screen, and while that’s entertaining and mind-numbing, there’s more to the series than meets the eye. That said, CHUD is claiming that they know what the first scene on TF3 involves and it’s actually pretty cool.


Like most movies involving stuff from outer space, the US becomes aware of it when there’s a disturbance on the moon. Much like the opening scene of Independence Day, the news travels through various channels until finally it’s delivered to the president. As intelligence officials burst into the Oval Office, the president is facing the window with his back to the camera, but when he turns around...BAM! John F. Kennedy.

Pretty cool, right? Supposedly the story will focus of how the Transformers were the reason JFK was so keen on getting to the moon first. The whole story won’t take place in the 60’s, but it’s an interesting place to start for sure. According to CHUD, this whole idea was Stephen Spielberg’s which I’ll buy since Michael Bay would never come up with anything that doesn’t involve lingerie models and Ferraris.

This whole thing could be total bullshit, but it’s a pretty cool idea so let’s hope that this is actually what’s going on.