Star Wars 7's Villain Probably Will Be Played By This Actor

Adam Driver was one of the more surprising casting choices that Star Wars: Episode VII had up its sleeve, and that's meant in a good way. While the actor broke into the spotlight with his role on the HBO show Girls, Driver managed to secure parts in films like Lincoln, Inside Llewyn Davis, and This Is Where I Leave You - all of which have kept him in the Hollywood conversation. With his sweet gig playing a character in the long-awaited J.J. Abrams-directed sequel; we still don't know who Driver will turn out to be in the galaxy far far away. But we just got a massive clue.

Joel Edgerton, at least according to MTV News, isn't as in the dark as the rest of us apparently, as he's commented on working with the knowledge of Adam Driver's top secret role in Star Wars: Episode VII. Edgerton explains in the blurb below.

"Adam Driver and I worked together on this Jeff Nichols movie last year. Literally, he got cast, and then I heard he was going to playing new whatever version of the villain in the new ‘Star Wars’ movie. The next day I had to do a scene with him after I read this. I said ‘I’m scared to do this scene with you now because you might [Force choke me]."

We've previously reported on the villain of Star Wars: Episode VII being anything from an evil X-Wing pilot to a descendant of Count Dooku, and Adam Driver has been on and off confirmed and denied as one of the villains of the piece. After what Joel Edgerton just said though, the wheels are turning again as to who Adam Driver is actually playing in his villainous debut.

Parsing out the Edgerton statement, there are two big pieces that stuck out like red lightsabers: the fact that he's playing "whatever version" of a villain, and that he was afraid that he'd be Force choked by Driver. Sounds like a lot of fun referencing, doesn't it?

Well what if it isn't. What if, Adam Driver is a new Sith lord, thus locking in the theory that Count Dooku's descendants are being played by Adam Driver and Gwendoline Christie? If Edgerton is to be trusted, Driver is going to have some sort of Force-related powers, as well as a previous "version" in the Star Wars universe. Relatives are another version of ourselves, the Dookus have a score to settle, cue Driver's scene of stealing an X-Wing and attacking the Millenium Falcon. There's a lot that could be true on Joel Edgerton's words, but there's also a lot that could be false.

For now, though, it seems that all we can really lock in at this point is that Adam Driver is a villain in the new Star Wars movie. Which villain, who his main target is, and even who he might be related to in the original canon is all a mystery. For our money though, we hope the Dooku twins rumor is true, because Adam Driver and Gwendoline Christie hunting down Luke Skywalker and company, complete with badass capes and lightsabers, sounds pretty damned sweet about now.

Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters on December 18th, 2015.

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