Star Wars Dialogue Flub Finally Cleared Up By Mark Hamill

There are lots of topics that Star Wars fans will argue about or otherwise discuss forever, from things that happen on screen to events that went down behind the scenes. One of these oft-discussed topics has been what many presume to be a flubbed line in A New Hope, but now Mark Hamill has set the record straight on that matter.

In response to a Screen Rant video that points out supposed mistakes that made it into a finished film, Hamill took to Twitter, where he clarified what he actually says.

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The moment in question comes when Luke, Han, and the rest of the Rebel forces return to base after the Battle of Yavin. They get a hero’s welcome, as you can imagine having just destroyed the Empire’s biggest weapon. When Luke gets out of his X-Wing, Princess Leia is so excited she yells out his name, he’s also pretty pumped up, but what he yells isn’t "Leia," and it sounds suspiciously like he shouts, "Carrie," as in actress Carrie Fisher.

Hamill, obviously, denies that’s what he said, and he appears to feel rather strongly on the matter. It’s a loud, hectic scene, one full of layers of sound and noise, so whatever he says, it’s difficult to discern. To be fair, there’s so much going on that I can’t tell either way—if you told me he shouts, "Hey," I wouldn’t necessarily say you’re wrong.

What’s interesting is that, at least according to the scripts I tracked down online, while Leia’s line is scripted, Luke’s is not. She yells his name, they embrace, and then Han joins the fun for a group hug before they realize that R2-D2 may be toast.

Check out the video in question, the Star Wars scene is the first up.

Even with Mark Hamill himself issuing a vigorous denial, this is probably still something that fans will continue to debate, or at least talk about. It’s not as key a moment as, say, who shot first, and there aren’t any real implications beyond that a very minor mistake hay have made it through editing and into a film, but it’s enough to keep us busy for a while as we wait for Star Wars: The Force Awakens this December.