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Just this morning, Disney announced their next generation of products to hit stores. In line with the upcoming, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the company will be putting out toys, collectibles, books and apparel in stores on "Force Friday". The merchandise will include an array of exciting products and will be available this coming September.

The news was announced on StarWars.com that Force Awakens products will be hitting shelves on what they are calling, "Force Friday". On September 4, 2015 at 12:01 a.m. participating stores around the world will open their doors right at midnight for a special Star Wars celebration. Josh Silverman of Disney Consumer Products hyped the event:
Every lightsaber, every action figure, every LEGO set tells a story for generations of Star Wars fans, and this global event is a celebration of those stories. We’re excited to be part of the countdown to this enormous movie moment.

This worldwide reveal is bound to be one for the ages, and fans are encouraged to document the event through social media with hashtags such as #ForceFriday and #MidnightMadness. Mass retailers along with Disney Store locations will open their doors at midnight offering a wide-range of products including toys, collectibles, books, comics, ebooks, apps, apparel and lifestyle accessories. And if you’d rather be in the comfort of your home at the wee hours of the night, DisneyStore.com will also be offering merchandise. There will be something for every type of Star Wars fan, and the products are bound to be new and exciting glimpses into the upcoming feature film.

And speaking of glimpses into Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Disney also revealed the packaging for an unknown product which features the mysterious new villain Kylo Ren— you know, the dude with that super-badass red cross-lightsaber. The product packaging features a close-up of Kylo Ren’s mask along with the tip of his lightsaber. Could this be the packaging for some sort of cross-lightsaber collectible?

So mark your calendars because it sounds like September 4th a.k.a. "Force Friday" is going to be an event Star Wars fans across the globe won’t want to miss. And even if you aren’t there to purchase too many items, it sounds like an awesome way to get hyped for the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on December 18, 2015 with fellow fans.

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