Suicide Squad Is Going To Explore A Love Triangle Between These Villains

When you have a large ensemble cast like they do in Suicide Squad, the single most important thing to making the movie successful is chemistry. Do the actors, and their various characters, work well together on screen? While we likely won’t know how well that comes off until we see the finished film, we have received a little peek at how some of the characters will be reacting to each other. It turns out that Deadshot may have a thing for Harley Quinn. It is unlikely this will sit well with Harley’s boyfriend/boss, a guy named Joker.

The guys over at have put together a few quotes from both Deadshot himself, Will Smith, and director David Ayer which definitely make it sound like there will be something of a love triangle between the three in the film. According to Ayer, a big part of Quinn’s character arc in the film will be focused on her breaking free from The Joker and becoming her own person. At the same time, Smith has said that Deadshot will be "eyeballing" Quinn, implying that he’s interested in her. Some sort of romance between the two could play a big part in Harley separating herself from The Joker. Still, it’s unlikely that Quinn will be able to make a clean break from Mr. J so seeing Deadshot and Joker butting heads may be part of the movie as well.

The relationship between these two is not new to the film, as it has been explored a bit in DC comics, as well. Still, it’s an interesting love connection. From all appearances in the trailer, Deadshot will be the most grounded of our anti-heroes. He has a daughter, he’s shown in one scene going shopping like a normal person. Smith says that Deadshot is looking to turn his life around in the movies, but a big score gone bad lands him in prison. This seems like an odd sort of person to be attracted to Harley Quinn. We’re not saying she isn’t cute, but the girl is nuts. The combination of these two seems a bit odd, but maybe that’s the point. Maybe the normal guy and the crazy girl are the glue that holds the rest of the team’s disparate parts together.

And how exactly is The Joker going to react to all of this? It seems like this film is going to have a lot of ground to cover. While the relationship between Harley Quinn and The Joker is well known to fans of the classic animated series or the comic books that followed, it will still be new for many people who only know Batman’s arch enemy from the movies. They’ll have to establish the relationship before they can begin to break it apart. It’s also possible that this film will only show us the beginnings of this love triangle, with the payoff in some film down the line.

So, Deadshot and Harley Quinn... is this a good match? Does a romantic subplot even belong in a movie like Suicide Squad? Let us know your thoughts.

Dirk Libbey
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