If you’ve been keeping up on the news and marketing for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you’ve no doubt noticed that while both stars are DC’s pop culture icons, the Dark Knight has been painted in a more flattering light than the Man of Steel. Well, now it’s been made perfectly clear who the hero of this film will be in the DCCU's public eye thanks to these new promo posters. First, let’s take a look at Superman:

Heroic Hollywood found these new posters, which look similar to the posters that came out shortly before the film’s first trailer was screened at IMAX theaters two months ago. The image of Kal-El is a still taken from Man of Steel, but the words are more of what we heard the talking heads saying in the teaser trailer. "False God" is once written in large letters, and the assertion that he was responsible for Metropolis’ destruction. Adding insult to injury is not just the Bat symbol etched over Superman’s emblem, but also the claim that Lex Luthor is the city’s savior. If only they knew what that bald industrialist was up to behind closed doors. Suffice to say, despite Superman’s mission to do good and protect his adopted people, a vocal group of people are doing their best to stick it to the Kryptonian.

Next up is Batman, who is evidently being sought out by the Gotham City Police Department for "criminal acts of vigilante justice."

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