Ted 2 Is Bringing Back A Key Supporting Player

Two years after the original made almost $550,000,000 at the worldwide box office, Ted 2 is still thundering forward. Leads Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane have both committed to returning for a second round. Amanda Seyfried as Mila Kunis' replacement, and now, at least one supporting player from Ted 1 is ready to come back too: Patrick Warburton.

Hardcore Ted fans likely remember Patrick Warburton played Mark Wahlberg’s co-worker Guy, who was in a guy relationship with Ryan Reynolds. Yes, seriously. This actually happened…

That Patrick Warburton would be one of the first people to board Ted 2 should surprise no one. The former Seinfeld star (Feels like an Arby’s night!) voices police officer Joe Swanson on Family Guy, and by all accounts, he gets along great with creator Seth MacFarlane. So, really, why wouldn’t he come back? It’s just win-win all around. According to Deadline, as to whether or not his lover will return, however, that’s more up in the air at this point.

In addition to Warburton, Jessica Barth is also returning to reprise her role of trashy, foul-mouthed checkout girl Tami-Lynn. She steals more than her share of scenes in the original film, to the point where it would be hard to imagine a sequel happening without her. That’s a high compliment for a woman who doesn’t have a super long list of film acting credits.

Thus far, there’s no word on whether or not Sam Jones will return, but you’d have to think he would. The first film shows an almost pathological obsession with Flash Gordon, to the point where we’re updated on Jones’ whereabouts in the credits. He would almost certainly return in a heartbreat too; so, there’s reason to hope we’ll get more greatness from a continued plotline on that front.

Ted 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on June 26th, 2015, joining what could go down as the most stacked summer in the entire history of cinema. Even against that incredible competition, however, it’s hard to imagine Ted 2 won’t find its footing and make serious bank for Universal Pictures.

Mack Rawden
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