Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Dressed Up As Elsa To Sell Sex Toys

When you get to the level of success a movie like Frozen has attained, you're going to see your brand represented everywhere... whether you like it or not. Despite its actual form of a Disney kids' film, the internet hasn't let the innocence of Elsa and Anna's story of true sisterhood and emotion get in the way of a naughty roast. However, what we're about to show you is probably the most inappropriate usage of the Frozen iconography ever. Just when you thought that the Fifty Shades Of Grey mashup was the dirtiest thing you'd see involving a chilly Disney princess, along comes Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham to prove you dead wrong.

Happy Place found some rather... adult themed tweets, all linked to a recent appearance by the reality star turned adult film actress. Apparently, she has a line of companionship substitutes that are modeled after certain portions of her own likeness, and to Abraham this was the perfect time to bust out her Halloween costume. That costume just happened to be a knock off version of Elsa from Frozen, because you could imagine how pissed off Disney would be if Farrah Abraham decided to show up in an authentic version of the outfit.

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(There are other, less safe for work Tweets at Happy Place..)

It happens every time: just when you think that a fad has run its course, that's the time the "adult" version is made. Not even Bill Murray or Guardians Of The Galaxy are immune to the Spanktravision treatment, and seeing as Farrah Abraham has shown this much interest already, it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to expect a Frozen parody to make its way to the restricted section of your cable bill.

In the "sexy costume for everything" era, it's no surprise to see a costume such as dirty Elsa make its way into the public consciousness. But Farrah Abraham takes the whole damned cake by using such a costume to sell a sex toy that, to our knowledge, doesn't feel like an ice queen. Of course, if you just stuck it in the freezer for the right amount of time, you'd pretty much have the equivalent of that one sex toy Twilight fans were being sold during the series' hey day.

This isn't the first time, and it certainly won't be the last time a Disney property is appropriated for pornographic use. Though if Big Hero 6 is as big of a hit as Frozen was, they practically have their work cut out for them with the title. You can use your imaginations on that one, kids. We'd hate to lose readers in the same fashion Harlan Ellison lost his job at Disney on his first day. (You should seriously look that story up, as it's pretty funny.)

Frozen is now available on Blu Ray, DVD, and Digital HD. Farrah Abraham's playthings are available in places we really don't talk about in polite society... or, you know, the internet.

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