Thundercats Ho! Script Leaked, Movie Still Happening?

I was a Thundercats kid. When I had my 8th birthday at the local ground round we had a dude dressed up as Lion-O, and it was pretty sweet. So like a lot of you, news of a Thundercats had me excited, but sadly, our dreams were crushed when word around the campfire was that the movie was a no go. Now though, there’s a new development. A draft of the Thundercats script has hit the net.

Insides sources provided SR with the info that Paul Sopocy has not only finished a first draft of the Thundercats screenplay, but was hired by Warner Bros. to do a rewrite. This information conflicts with what was reported back in December about Thundercats being dropped by WB but in Hollywood you never really know. Their inside source also says Chase Me Productions will produce the project with WB handling the distribution.

Here’s a quick breakdown of just some of the script info shared by Screen Rant from Thundercats Lair:

* There is no mention of Snarf at all ( Jar Jar Binks?) * Panthro has purple skin – apparently there was some concern of stereotyping him in the 80s as being big, bald and black. * Claudus (Lion-O’s father) and Grune ( General of the Army) both appear in the film. * The Berbils robot bears are referenced but not featured. * Monkian and Cheetara have one the funniest interactions in the film. * Lion-O is given a love interest, Kaeli. * The film appears to be a hard PG-13 and is left open for a sequel.

While you wait for Hollywood to get rolling on the movie, play what if with this Thundercats fan trailer. Ho!