Will Tomorrowland 2 Happen? Here's The Latest

Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland remains a mystery. That’s by design. Even though the sci-fi summer adventure has shared a teaser, a Super Bowl spot, and a full trailer, there isn’t a lot we can tell you about the plot beyond the surface details. So when I sat down across from Bird’s young co-star, Britt Robertson, on behalf of the Nicholas Sparks weeper The Longest Ride, I had to sneak in a Tomorrowland query.

Because we don’t really know where Tomorrowland might head, I wanted to know what Britt Robertson’s future in the movie might be. Unlike, say, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or a Divergent gig that’s destined to have more chapters, Tomorrowland is based on an original concept that may or may not spawn sequels. I decided to ask Robertson if they could tell more stories in this particular universe, if the movie sets the stage for additional adventures. She told me:

So many stories. It's such a huge scope, and I didn't even fully understand the level of what that movie is, and what it was at the time. So yeah, you could make, like, 55 movies based on that concept. I don't know that they will do a sequel, though. I know that Brad Bird's pretty adamant about -- although he is doing The Incredibles 2, which is pretty awesome -- he is adamant about having original stories and being behind that.

This much is true. While Brad Bird recently hit it out of the park by helming a sequel in the Mission: Impossible series (the incredible Ghost Protocol), he has refrained from further exploring the adventures of his characters in either The Iron Giant or Ratatouille. He is doing an Incredibles sequel, however, so there’s a chance that, if Tomorrowland connects with a massive audience, Bird and screenwriter Damon Lindelof could head back to the world they’ve created and explore more avenues.

So far, we know that Britt Robertson plays Casey, a disillusioned teenager who discovers a mysterious pin that transports her back and forth between our world and the magical realm of the title. Desperate for answers, Casey seeks out Frank (George Clooney), a former boy genius who knows about the pin and the land… but who has troubles of his own.

Watch Britt Robertson’s answer for yourself, if you want to hear her explanation in context.

Tomorrowland opens in theaters on May 22. Are you intrigued?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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