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I wouldn't call it an all-star cast, but there's certainly some talent behind the new trailer for Happy Tears. With Rip Torn at the center surrounded by the likes of Parker Posey, Demi Moore, and Ellen Barkin, you're pretty much guaranteed hilarious stuff.

Posey and Moore play sisters heading home to take care of their ailing father, Rip Torn (who makes me wish my name was also two tenses of the same verb). Thrown into the mix is a saucy live in nurse played by a decidedly beat Ellen Barkin and zany antics ensue involving buried treasure and beer cans. It doesn't look like anything ground breaking, but it could be fun considering who's driving it. Check out the trailer below:

Happy Tearswill be released in theaters on February 19th, with an On Demand release soon after on the 25th.

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