Trailer For Miley Cyrus' LOL Even Worse Than You Expected

French writer-director Lisa Azuelos is set to make her American movie debut this year with LOL--as in laughing out loud—a remake of her 2008 coming-of-age comedy that starred moody ingénue Christa Theret as Lola—or Lol to her friends (get it?)--a teen girl attempting to maneuver through the minefield of absorbing crushes, peer pressure, and parental intervention. While the trailer to the original film's trailer revealed sex, drug use and some slightly unnerving mother-daughter bonding, the new trailer for the U.S. LOL focuses on candy, texting, and condoms--oh my! Simply put, it looks like smoking salvia could lead to signing on to terrible scripts.

Check out the trailer below:

With dialogue like "You didn’t call or text me" and "it's so good to love someone so much it hurts," it's hard to expect this flick to appeal to anyone outside the tween/teen demographic. The trailer is determinedly broad, and with such an emphasis on an inexplicable trip to Paris and a heavy reliance on cell phones it's doubtful anyone above the legal drinking age will want to pony up ticket money for this, even as a nostalgic, guilty pleasure. (And don't think I didn't notice the My So-Called Life plagiarism of "he is so gorgeous it hurts." For shame!)

But on the plus side at least there's some important life lessons shared, like "If he kisses you on the lips it means he's cool being your boyfriend," and girls who wear thongs are totes "Skankville."

LOL is slated to hit theaters this year and co-stars Ashley Greene (Twilight), Douglas Booth (The Pillars of Earth), and Demi Moore (Margin Call).

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.