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Trailer: Romance Is As Generic As Ever In Letters To Juliet

There are so many questions you ought to ask yourself as you watch the Letters to Juliet trailer, which debuted today at Moviefone and you can watch embedded below. First of all: what are Amanda Seyfried and Gael Garcia Bernal doing engaged to each other? She is 24 and looks 18, and he is 30 and looks 30. Second, if she's lucky enough to be engaged to Gael Garcia Bernal, why is she running around Italy without him on a hunt for some other woman's long-lost love? And third, why on earth does this trailer show us the entire plot, to the point that I can predict the exact moment that Seyfried falls in love with some other dude?

Letters to Juliet probably wasn't ever going to be more than a generic romantic comedy, but this trailer tells you precisely the kind of generic romantic comedy it will be. A young woman (Seyfried) thinks she knows what and who she wants, winds up in an exotic location (Italy) with a motley cast of side characters (Vanessa Redgrave included) and falls in love with a new guy (Christopher Egan), who understands her in a way the first guy never did. I'm pretty sure Leap Year, the Amy Adams romantic comedy whose trailer debuted a few days ago, has the exact same plot. Some day I will blindfold someone and show them both movies and see if they can tell which is which.

Anyway, Letters to Juliet shows up in theaters next May, to fill that Made of Honor/Lucky You chick flick slot up against Iron Man 2. I'm sure it'll be fine and utterly forgettable. Check out the trailer below.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend