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Foreign market trailers, nine times out of ten, are good chances for a studio to try something a little new with their marketing strategy. In the case of Godzilla, Warner Brothers wisely decided to focus more on emotional storytelling, as well as give Ken Watanabe more of a prominent role than the rest of the ensemble. Done right, an international trailer can be icing on the cake of sales for Internet accessible audiences around the world. Done wrong, like the Transformers: Age of Extinction international clip we’re about to show you, and you’re just getting more of the same.

The video (currently hosted on YouTube) starts out interesting enough, with Mark Wahlberg, enthusiastic as ever to plug his new movie. When Mark Wahlberg gets excited, it’s hard not to follow him along, as he kinda lights up like a six year old with a shiny Tonka truck. (If you got to star in a movie where you fought with robot dinosaurs tearing up a city, you’d probably be happy like he’s happy.) Expressing his sincerest wishes that Japanese audiences enjoy the clip he’s presenting, he announces his latest film as Transformers: Lost Age. Wait… isn’t the film named Age of Extinction?

Age of Extinction

Apparently, the film has the title of Transformers: Lost Age in the Japanese market, so there is something new on display in this trailer. (Either that, or Mr. Wahlberg was misreading the cue cards that read "Sorry, we lost some footage from the last trailer.") Intentional or not, that’s about the only new thing on display here, as all of the footage and dialogue is from the original Teaser Trailer released last month. Instead of including the character development and scenery of the first trailer, we’re treated to more of the same. The only difference is it’s faster and attempting to inspire your adrenal glands to start pumping. No need for story, here’s some quick action. Here’s what audiences were treated to last month:

Nothing too detailed here either, except we get the basic framework of a family being caught in the crossfire of an intergalactic arms race. But even with the extra dialogue and set up, we’re given a more clear picture of what we really should be expecting. This isn’t the first movie to deliver a "new" clip with old footage, and it won’t be the last. To a certain degree, most marketing campaigns focus on certain key moments and run with them through the whole race. But even in those cases, there will be one or two new shots thrown in with the attempt at calling it "new." The Giver even gave us one or two differences here and there in order to separate the first version from the second version of their spot.

Transformers: Age of Extinction, aka Transformers: Lost Age, aka Transformers: Ice Age: The Mechdown arrives in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters on June 27th in America and on August 8th in Japan. Your regional release date and title may vary.