The New Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer Has Arrived

We all thought Michael Bay was done. Back in June 2011, before the release of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, franchise star Shia LaBeouf announced that he would not be coming back for Transformers 4 and that he expected that the director was finished with the series. Bay did wind up taking a break from the world of blockbusters, making his small dark comedy crime caper movie Pain & Gain, but now he’s back, and he’s ready to introduce you to Transformers: Age of Extinction through a brand new trailer that was just released.

Based on a script by Ehren Kruger, who also had a hand in penning the last two entries of the franchise, the new Transformers movie moves away from Sam Witwicky and instead focuses on a new group of people living in the same universe. In the latest sequel we are introduced to Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg), a mechanic who, along with his daughter (Nicola Peltz) and her boyfriend (Jack Raynor), stumble upon something huge. Unfortunately what they have uncovered not only attracts the attention of the heroic Autobots, but also the evil Decepticons and a paranoid government official. Kelsey Grammer will play the film’s central human antagonist, while the supporting cast also includes Stanley Tucci, Titus Welliver, T.J. Miller, and Bingbing Li. You can check out the new poster, courtesy of Yahoo! below:

Transformers 4 Poster

While all three movies in the series have been huge box office successes, they’ve had a bit more of a mixed critical record. When the first movie came out in 2007 it was given a lukewarm response, but the last two movies, Revenge of the Fallen in 2009 and Dark of the Moon in 2011, were torn apart. Given that this movie is a semi-reboot, perhaps Age of Extinction will be the title that allows the franchise to be readjusted and get back on the right foot.

What did you think of this new trailer? Do you think this looks like the action-packed blockbuster you want it to be, or are you done with this franchise? Answer our poll below, check out the three character posters for the movie that were released this week, and give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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