The Twilight Saga may be coming to an end with Breaking Dawn Part 2 set to arrive in theaters in just a matter of weeks, but that may not be the end of the franchise completely. There are rumors circulating that a spin-off project could be in the works in some form or another, with something set in the same world as Bella, Edward and Jacob.

There was talk of a remake or reboot for the Twilight franchise back in June, and though that idea may seem ridiculous, considering there's still one movie in the series set to hit theaters, is it all that difficult to believe that there might be attempts to continue to squeeze money out of this franchise? From what Movie Hole is reporting, their source says they're hearing all sorts of things about a possible follow-up to Breaking Dawn, "from a 'TV show or film spin-off, merely set in the same world as the one in the movies but not featuring the main trio, is being seriously considered” with “The Wolf Pack, one area of interest'."

So, the story of Bella and Edward may be ending, but this might not be the end of Twilight on the big screen. Or perhaps it'll continue on the small screen. When considering the set-up for Breaking Dawn Part 2, the potential for spin-offs seems especially high. The film will have the Cullens looking to protect Bella and Edward's half-vampire, half-human daughter Renesmee from the Volturi vampires, who believe she's an immortal child. This will introduce a number of out-of-towner vampire friends to the story as the Cullens call for help. Any one of them could be the subject of a spin-off film or TV series, and because they aren't local, it wouldn't be difficult to separate them from the core group in a spin-off scenario. There are also the wolves as a possibility, as mentioned. Personally, I always thought the Volturi was one of the more intriguing elements of Stephenie Meyer's books. They might make interesting spin-off material.

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