Universal Making Time Travel Comic Book Movie Chrononauts

What Mark Millar comic book hasn’t been optioned into a movie? Actually, there are a lot ‘cause the man just can’t stop churning out new comics. But we’ve seen two Kick-Ass movies, one Kingsman: The Secret Service, the Angelina Jolie-led Wanted, and plans for a movie version of his Star Wars-esque Starlight. Now another one of his recent creations, Chrononauts, is being groomed for the big screen.

Millar’s latest focus is on two brainiac bros, Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly, traveling through time together and the adventures that ensue when things go wrong. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie version is happening through Universal Pictures with Chris Morgan, screenwriter behind the last few Fast and Furious movies. Millar and his Chrononauts artist Sean Murphy are also on board to supervise as executive producers.

This property is still stretching its legs in comic book form, but it was essentially made for a movie adaptation. As Millar told Wired UK in a recent interview in promotion of the series’ second issue, "We did the movie deal…almost before we did the book." As the comic creator recollected to the magazine, he first thought about doing an original movie, but he could only envision the story he wanted to tell in comic form. Not wanting to let this idea pass him by as he worked out the details, he enlisted Murphy to start "doodling," and out of that collaboration came Chrononauts.

Kingsman, in his opinion, has been the best movie adaptation to come from his ventures to the silver screen because there were limited changes made from the source material. As he said, he hopes that the Chrononauts movie will take a similar approach. However, he did clarify that that script is in its infancy.

The plan is that it'll stay close to the comic but when actors come into it and you've got another draft to do, things change. The studio really liked it so far though.

For those interested in reading up on the Chrononauts world well before the movie starts firming up its cast and crew, you can pick up the first issue now. Wired recently previewed the second issue, the cover for which can be seen below.

Chrononauts comic movie

No release date has been announced, nor any further additions to the project. Though, you can be sure we'll be keeping an eye on this one moving forward.