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Universal is making an attempt to raise awareness that the Wolfman coming out next year isn't actually the first Wolfman. They recently unveiled the ultra rad Monster Legacy website with all kinds of goodies for fans and newbies alike. And the best part, they don't shove ads for The Wolfman down your throat the whole time!

Chronicling Universal's entire classic horror catalog from 1923's Hunchback of Notre Dame to 1956's The Creature Walks Among Us, Monster Legacy is loaded with posters, synopses, and several clips from each and every one of 22 movies listed. Adding to the already loads of fun is the soundtrack, which I can only guess will grow as the music gets grabbed by Universal. The site cycles through a playlist of music featured in choice films from the collection and it's a perfect accompaniment to your horror browsing.

The very speculative implication of the site is that perhaps there's talks within the studio to hop on the remake train an mine their own work for potential gold. My brain says we'll have to wait and see how The Wolfman does before we hear anything on that though.

The site is very slick and Flash as all hell so it makes for much easier browsing than scouring the dregs of the internet for pirated movies. For old school horror fans this will be a great piece of nostalgia, and for people looking to expand their horror-izons Monster Legacy will probably turn out to be the best place for you to start. Check out some clips, see what you're into and go rent some movies.

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